Looking for a Magento partner? If you find yourself needing a Magento Agency, then you’ve probably browsed the Magento partner portal at some point. It shows partners broken down by “levels”: Global Elite, Enterprise, Professional, and Business. What do these levels mean and which one is right for you? Below is a quick break down of each.

Magento Business Partner

Magento Business PartnerThis is the entry level partnership tier.   The agencies you find in this partnership tier are typically small agencies or those just getting started with Magento development.   They may or may not have certified Magento developers.  These agencies often focus on Magento Community Edition (or Magento Open Source as they call it now) but may do a Magento Enterprise Edition (aka Magento Commerce) build occasionally.

Magento Professional Partner

Magento Professional PartnerThis is the first tier of Magento enterprise partnership.  These partners are often smaller to mid-size agencies or agencies that focus in one area of eCommerce builds (like development or design).    These agencies are typically going to build on the Enterprise Edition but may do Community Edition builds from time to time.

Magento Enterprise Partner

Magento Enterprise PartnerMagento Enterprise Partners are usually mid-size to large agencies that focus on the full scope of eCommerce development from strategy and design to development and marketing.  These agencies work virtually exclusively in Magento Enterprise Edition and any Community Edition builds will be an “edge case”.

Magento Global Elite Partner

Magento Global Elite PartnerThis is a fairly new tier that was created to separate some of the larger enterprise level partners.   You should really just compare these alongside any enterprise partners that you are considering.