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Adding a CRM to your eCommerce Business Tool Box

Scale faster. Work smarter.

We all know a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) allows us to scale faster and work smarter to drive our businesses into the future with astronomical growth. But, how can a piece of software promise such a thing? The reality is — it cannot.

You, the business owner and management team, drive the company to scale faster and work smarter. A CRM is a very valuable tool you should use along the way. Your CRM is one of many tools you can use to manage and grow your business. Trying to use a hammer to sew a sock seems silly – about as silly as using a CRM without understanding what it can and what it can’t do for you. (Especially since you could probably buy everyone in Ohio, Kentucky, and Georgia a hammer for what you’ll spend doing a CRM wrong.)

What Can a CRM Do for Your Business?

  1. Improve Your Existing Data – a CRM lets you gather your business data in a central place, making it accessible and actionable in real-time across your company.
  2. Find Actionable Data – a CRM lets you set up insights into the data you collect: notify sales teams of neglected accounts, order anniversaries, etc.
  3. Manage Sales Activities – track and assign sales team member activities inside the CRM: give them direction to meet business goals and align with mission critical tasks
  4. More Informed Decision Making – perhaps the best decision-making tool you’ll ever have for your business, your CRM gives you the information you need to make critical business decisions.

One thing a CRM will not do for your business is grow sales. You do that by improving your existing data, finding actionable data, managing sales team activities, and making informed decisions. A CRM allows you to do these things most effectively and ultimately that allows you to grow sales.

What CRM Is Right for Me?

When choosing the right CRM for your business, you must first make sure that you choose the right CRM implementation partner. Having a knowledgeable and experienced guide through this process can be the difference between a successful implementation and a literal disaster.

First and foremost, remember what your CRM is designed to do: to track current and future interactions with customers for the entire organization, in other words, sales activities and opportunities. So which one is right for you? Simply put, the right CRM is the one that your people will actually use. The list of features the top CRMs come standard with is more overwhelmingly long than the menu at your average smorgasbord – and growing daily. The most sophisticated tool can be wholly useless if no one uses it because it is too complex or poorly configured.

If you are using Magento, the best choice of CRM is Oro. OroPlatform is the world’s first open source Business Application Platform and has been downloaded over 100,000 times. Oro supports out of the box integration with Magento which enables loading data to and from your store and processes it inside OroCRM. Oro gives you cross-channel data capture from all points of interaction from eCommerce and in-store purchase data to marketplaces and reseller sites and tracks data from promotions and service and support interactions. Using Oro with Magento, you get a complete CRM for client relationship management.

Jamersan is proud to be an Oro Silver Partner.

OroCRM Silver Partner


This CRM thing is the tool to end all tools for business!! Well, it can be. It can also be a tool to end a business. Rushing to implement because of the price tag – failing to detail requirements, failing to understand what you’re getting, rushing to see a return on investment, failing to guide employees through culture shock and into a new culture, these and many other factors can often lead to a huge disappointment for the business owner after surviving the CRM implementation process, which leaves them feeling as if the cure all was worse than the disease.

Jamersan works with its clients to smooth the transition from your disparate and disconnected systems to an integrated solution that gives you access to your data in actionable ways.

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