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Jamersan CEO TJ Gamble is Magento Top 50 contributor

Jamersan CEO TJ Gamble was named a Magento Top 50 contributor for 2017, in recognition of his contributions to the Magento community.

“In 2017, the Magento community created over 1,600 pull requests to Magento 2, presented over 750 talks on Magento or at Magento-centric events, produced over 200 podcast episodes centered around Magento, organized conferences and meetups in over 40 different countries, wrote books about Magento, contributed to official product documentation, wrote countless blog posts to raise awareness and educate, and they answered thousands of questions on both StackExchange and the Magento Forums,” according to the post from Sherrie Rohde, Magento’s community manager.

One of TJ’s main interests of late has been producing creative and informative videos about Magento (and poking some fun at the SaaS alternatives) on his YouTube Channel, eCommerceaholic.

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