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Magento 2 + Docker webinar with Mark Shust at Jamersan – this Friday!

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Setting up Magento 2 can be very difficult to the newcomer (and even the experienced user), as it contains a lot of package dependencies and system requirements. A solution exists out there which uses Docker, a platform which can make it really simple and easy to setup a new Magento 2 store and codebase, or even work with existing codebases.

Mark Shust will be presenting how to use and orchestrate a container-based development environment using Docker images that he created specifically for Magento 2. Mark is the Tech Lead at Jamersan, an integration solutions specialist of eCommerce stores built specifically on the Magento platform.

In this screencast, Mark will go over setting up the initial project repository with the suggested filesystem layout architecture, going over the basics of Docker and initial system setup for Macs, and bootstrapping your container-based development environment. We’ll install a new instance of Magento 2, go over how to run Magento executable commands from the provided Docker helper scripts, and how to setup PHPStorm for integration with Docker and remote debugging with Xdebug. Mark will be executing commands live on the screencast, and it’ll be recorded for easy playback later so you can more easily grasp using Docker with Magento at a high level.

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