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Magento Instant Purchase Checkout Boosts Sales

Ten long years. That’s how long Amazon has had exclusive ownership of the one-click checkout process. While some rivals have licensed Amazon’s technology to stay completive, most have had to forgo the higher conversion rates and repeat purchases enabled by this faster checkout experience.

As of September 2017, the wait is over. With the expiration of Amazon’s patent, merchants are free to offer their customers a better way to buy. Magento is the first commerce leader to offer an ‘Amazon-like’ experience as a standard feature, now available in the latest release of Magento Commerce.

The new Instant Purchase feature provides returning customers with a faster checkout experience by using previously-stored payment credentials and shipping information to skip checkout steps. When a customer selects the “Instant Purchase” button on a product detail page, they are immediately taken to a confirmation page where they can place the order. There’s no need to enter their address, payment information, or shipping preference. Magento takes care of all of that.

magento instant purchase


Merchants who have tested Instant Purchase have found that it can shorten the amount of time it takes to place an order by upwards of 90 percent. It is particularly well-suited for mobile shopping and replenishment purchases because it minimizes friction in the process. Other merchants have found that it helps to drive impulse sales. Shoppers can click and buy as they go through a site without the sticker shock of seeing the total cost of ALL items in their cart.

Instant Purchase leverages Braintree Vault, available with Braintree Credit Card, Braintree PayPal, and PayPal Payflow Pro for stored payment information. Consistent with Magento flexibility, merchants can easily modify the Instant Purchase button text and business logic to customize the experience for their needs.

The Instant Purchase feature was contributed to the core Magento codebase by Enterprise Solution Partner, Creatuity, as part of the Magento Innovation Labs program. This contribution is an example of the extraordinary power of the Magento community to bring new capabilities to market quickly. Look for more community collaboration on Instant Purchase and other features in future releases.


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