OK, so the title might be a little over the top, but let me explain. Good Magento developers are in-demand. They are tough to find. However, they are even tougher to hold on to if you aren’t providing them with an environment where their skills can grow and flourish.  Initiatives like NomadMage can help.

Magento developers are typically very curious and self-motivated. Why else would they have explored this little open-source platform called Magento?

If you employ Magento developers then you understand the challenges of keeping that talent. Recruiters are regularly sending them LinkedIn messages. You want great developers, yet great developers are desirable by other companies. However, you want to be able to keep them at your business.

How do you keep your best developers happy?

Providing them with the opportunity to learn and grow is one of the biggest things you can do to keep your best developers happy. However, who has loads of free time and money for formal education? I sure don’t. That’s where programs like NomadMage come in.

NomadMage is a monthly series of interactive online sessions. In these sessions, the technical leaders of our industry give presentations on topics that are important to Magento developers. It gives your developers opportunities to learn new techniques and technologies that will not only help them grow, but are vital parts of being a leading Magento 2 developer.

Conferences are a great reward for developers but the technical merits are often lacking. Many of their technical discussions are very shallow in their coverage of the topic and can often times end up being a sales pitch or a play for exposure from the speaker. That’s where NomadMage is different. There are no travel costs, and no lost work days. Your developers can ask questions and the discussions can go as deep or shallow as the participants demand.

Why does Jamersan subscribe to NomadMage?

At Jamersan, we believe in educating our team members and strive to be the best in our field. We are always evaluating new and existing technologies, finding new ways to improve upon them, and integrating them into our business process. Having my team participate in the NomadMage session is one of the ways we’ve continued to do this. The Jamersan team has already gained enough knowledge from the first broadcast of NomadMage (Vinai Kopp’s discussion on writing testable code) to more than justify the cost of purchasing team tickets for the year.

After seeing my team’s reaction to the first broadcast, I believe that NomadMage is one of those tools that will pay for itself, considerably. In my opinion, if you want to continue to foster an environment where your developers can grow, I highly suggest you make sure your team participates as well. Not only will this help you retain your top talent, but I firmly believe that your business will continue to benefit from the additional knowledge gained.

Visit NomadMage.com for more information.