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Not Just Us: Help Us Pick Our Favorite Things for 2021

Every year, new and existing tools come on the market to help us build better, more effective eCommerce programs. While 2020 had its share of surprises, one thing happened like clockwork, groups of developers or singular individuals came together to build some awesome things we can learn from, and tools we can use to help grow into the future. 

Our team has been hard at work cultivating lists of all of our favorite BigCommerce Apps, Magento Extensions, Product Pages, eCommerce email programs and more.

Starting December 15th, we will begin releasing our favorites lists for 2021. Hopefully, many of these lists will help you understand what we think are fundamental elements for how you can build a winning eCommerce program in 2021 and beyond. 

As we make clear in just about every video, blog post and social media post we put out, our opinion isn’t the only one that matters. And it’s not the only one that’s valid. We think we have a good idea of how to build winning programs, and we’ve got a decent track record of doing so, that doesn’t mean we’ll catch everything. That’s why we’re holding open a few slots on each of our lists for YOUR favorites. 

So, we want to hear from you, what were your favorite ecommerce tools of 2020, what were your favorite programs? Where did you see wins that were unlikely, or inspired? How about tools that you’re particularly excited about the trajectory of for 2021? Did you see a checkout page that absolutely blew you away? We want to hear about it.

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Rory Michaels