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Process is the difference in success or disaster


Discovery + Planning

First, we map out the goals and the technical requirements for the project with a general timeline and budget for the project. The project is divided into phases, then broken down into tasks. Using a detailed project management system we are able to easily track where we are in a project, as well as track the time spent on each aspect of the project.



During the research phase we learn about our client’s business, as well as their competitors. We also look at their current website and discuss what’s working and what isn’t working. This phase is also the time we meet with the client to better understand their eCommerce goals.



This is where we map out in detail the nuts and bolts of the website, taking into account every aspect of the user experience. We develop prototypes for client review, and once approved we move on to execution.



Now it’s time to develop the code that will bring the vision for your website to life. Throughout this phase careful attention is paid to each and every line of code. But code isn’t where this process ends. We also bring in our talented team of graphic designers to ensure the website has custom graphics that match the look and feel of the client’s company.



Now that the site is developed it’s time to test, test, test. Our team will perform an in-depth test of the website and walk through each and every aspect of the website to ensure a seamless experience. Once we are confident that we have met the goals originally laid out by the client we hand the test site over to the client for review and their own internal testing. Once the testing phase is complete we develop a launch plan with the client.