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eCommerce Consultation and Growth Service

Grow your business with the help of experienced consultants who can identify ways to boost your sales and improve your store.

Conversions, Revenue, and Profitability are The Heart of Your Business.

You want to influence more customers to decide to make a purchase. You want to increase the amount each customer spends. You want to reduce your costs to make maximum net profit on each sale.

We want to help you achieve these goals. There is a lot to know and having a partner to help cut through the guesswork will get you results faster. Jamersan has a program designed to identify the greatest opportunities in your ecommerce store to drive more conversions, increase purchase frequency, and boost average order values.

Why Choose an eCommerce Consultant?

Ecommerce stores that grow and succeed need an ecommerce platform that can expand with them. Here are the platforms we use to deliver results.

Make Smart Decisions

Successful businesses navigate all their data to find the important pieces of information that will lead to profitable action. That’s what our eCommerce consulting services can do for you: find the right data to inform your next smart decision.

See Your Store with Fresh Eyes

We can help you get a new perspective on your business. This isn’t about seeing what’s wrong. Instead, our experienced eCommerce team can identify ways to take the next step to improve your online stores.

Discover New Opportunities

eCommerce is developing rapidly with new sales capabilities, marketing possibilities, and business channels becoming available constantly. Our eCommerce experts stay up to date with these developments.

eCommerce Consultation Services

Jamersan has been doing eCommerce for as long as it has been a thing. We designed these eCommerce consulting services to help your business thrive online.

Opportunity Assessment

A comprehensive review of your online business performance that results in initial recommendations for areas to improve. We’ll introduce you to our key performance indicators and see which metrics you want to track.

Email Marketing Management

You probably have a lot of untapped revenue sitting in your customer or subscriber email database. Let us manage your email marketing to maximize revenue and drive customer lifetime value.

Ongoing Optimization Strategy

Reporting on key store health metrics and optimization recommendations based on how things are trending. We focus on clear and consistent reporting to maximize trend discovery and quickly identify any developing opportunities.

Your New Mindset

Running an ecommerce business can force you in a million directions. It is easy to get distracted by all of it. Let us recenter your focus on the key indicators of your businesses’ health and you will see results in the things that matter.

Choose Jamersan for Reliable Results

Helmed by the eCommerce Aholic and Magento Master TJ Gamble, Jamersan focuses on developing best in class eCommerce websites for clients with complex needs. And because we’ve been doing eCommerce for as long as eCommerce has been around, we’ve got the experience to make that happen. When you think about what you want for your project, what do you see?


Your project deserves genuine expertise. We’ve got it in spades. Jamersan is headed up by TJ Gamble, who is one of the top eCommerce specialists for BigCommerce and Magento. Our teams are full of talented people with the right skills for your project.


You want someone who has done this before, and that’s Jamersan. We’ve helped many businesses transform their eCommerce websites with upgrades, migrations, and custom features that suit their needs.


You need quality work delivered on time to build trust with a company. Jamersan has a proven track record of delivering exactly what we say, on time, and according to the scope of the project. You can trust our team to give you good advice and then follow through on it with you.


You are looking for someone who can give you a clear picture of your current status and the steps necessary to get where you want to go. Our team at Jamersan focuses on finding and helping the right clients. We’re not here to give you the hard sell, just the honest truth.

Trust Our Proven Process

We have developed a trustworthy process during our years of building, migrating, updating, and maintaining eCommerce websites. Once we get started on your project, you can rely on our team to make steady progress towards a successful conclusion.

Discovery + Planning

The first stage of our work together is all about discovery. We’ll learn everything we can about your business. Together, we’ll build a picture of your business and highlight the important metrics to track to monitor success.

Recommendations for Improvement

Beyond analytics and reporting, we’ll talk with you and make specific recommendations about how to move your business forward. These might be new sales opportunities, customer experience improvements, and marketing techniques.

Analytics and Reporting Setup

Once we identify the right metrics, we’ll set up a monitoring system to highlight them consistently. You will receive regular reports so you can continue to build positive momentum.

Expert Support

Having the best data and seeing new opportunities means very little without action. Our team can support you. While you may be able to do some of the work yourself, we will be available to help with any projects that are outside your expertise.

Common Questions About eCommerce Consultations

Jamersan has been doing eCommerce for as long as it has been a thing. We designed these eCommerce consulting services to help your business thrive online.
Everything we do is designed to increase performance of your business. The primary means to do this is by increasing conversion rates, average order values, or repeat purchases. Some changes will have immediate impact and some will take time to produce results. You will see results in all areas, however.
Not at this time. We are focused on optimizing the traffic you are getting today and developing deeper relationships with your existing customers.
That’s fine. We’ll help with that.
Optimization isn’t a one time thing so we work with companies on an ongoing basis.

Jamersan Is Here To Help

It’s time for your business to take the next step.