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BigCommerce Implementation for Automotive Parts Retailer

Jamersan helps automotive part retailer build an aftermarket restoration product marketplace via a BigCommerce Implmenetionat

Restoration Parts Unlimited was operating five B2B brands on Magento 1. They wanted to have a new retail marketplace for their brands and other partners. They chose Jamersan for their expertise in the BigCommerce and automotive parts implementations.

The Challenge

The new First Place Auto Parts (FPA) site needed to offer the flexibility of handling over 200,000 combinations of fitments, with a robust year, make, model search to increase confidence in users selecting the right stuff for their restoration project. With unique inventory tracking needs SKU, we needed to ensure the solution could handle different scenarios for in-stock, made-to-order, and back-ordered items.

The Design

As this site needed to stand out from the competition, Jamersan took an off-the-shelf automotive theme for BigCommerce and optimized the user experience by

  • Adding unique category navigation coupled with Convermax
  • Optimizing the mobile experience to reduce the number of clicks to find products
  • Generating unique Year/Make/Model and Featured Store Landing Pages
BigCommerce Implementation Jamersan
BigCommerce Implementation FPA Mobile Design

The Process

The Jamersan team worked with the FPA team to launch the five brands under the RPUI umbrella. Starting with identifying the data points needed to build the fitment search in BigCommerce and adding controls for pricing/inventory. Through a discovery and planning process, we decided on these technologies.


The BigCommerce platform allowed the FPA team to go from vision to reality in three months. Leverage a custom theme with the integration of Convermax to provide the parts that match the user’s search queries.

In the end, Jamersan and FPA were successful in achieving the goal of building a robust, scalable E-Commerce platform to grow their online revenues.

The BigCommerce platform allowed the FPA team to continue to expand features with the assistance of Jamersan to add unique features like

  • Inventory Management Settings for evergreen and drop-ship products with estimated shipment times
  • Quickly adding new payment methods at checkout like PayPal, Pay in 4 and PayPal Credit
  • Expanded by adding 20 new brands since launch

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