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BigCommerce Migration for performance & aftermarket auto part B2C/B2B merchant

Eurosport Tuning | Jamersan

Jamersan helps a performance/aftermarket auto parts B2C/B2B merchant migrate from Magento 1 to BigCommerce.

Eurosport Tuning used Magento 1 multi-store to run a B2C and B2B store. They chose Jamersan for their expertise in the BigCommerce and performance/aftermarket auto parts implementations.

The Challenge

Eurosport Tuning needed to reduce their overall spending on maintaining and supporting its outdated Magento 1 platform. With a desire to launch different B2C and B2B instances to help their various business lines on a flexible, scalable SaaS platform. The user experience needed an overhaul to provide vehicle fitment quickly. The platform must offer the opportunity to sell in Canada and US in native currencies.

The Design

With a much-needed user experience update, Jamersan took an off-the-shelf theme known to offer UX best practices. And optimized the user experience by

  • Adding vehicle fitment and relevant search results via the Convermax app
  • Optimizing the user search experience by using the Convermax vehicle fitments on all pages (outside cart and checkout)
  • Verifying fitment on Product Detail Pages (PDP)
Eurosport Tuning BigCommerce Homepage
Eurosport Tuning BigCommerce Product Detail Page

The Process

The Jamersan team worked with the Eurosport Tuning team to map out the product data strategy needed to power vehicle fitments. The final piece was to plan how to implement separate price lists for CAD and USD. With the Jamersan discovery and planning process, we moved forward with these technologies


The BigCommerce platform using its multi-store capabilities, allowed Eurosport Tuning to migrate away from the unsecure Magento 1 platform. It provides the ability to improve their user experience and fitment data.

With a large number of third parties providing different product feeds, Jamersan and Eurosport Tuning successfully launched a site using a combination of fitment data that was normalized.

The BigCommerce platform allowed the FPA team to continue to expand features with the assistance of Jamersan to add unique features like

  • Customers selecting their vehicle and parts that fit that vehicle are displayed on category/product list pages and search results pages. 
  • Display all vehicles that the part fits on the product page.
  • Users can store selected vehicles in a “garage” and access them in the site header to switch vehicles to see parts that fit various cars they have saved.
  • An integration was added with Turn14 distributor to automatically/continuously add products & update prices/availability.
  • Free Shipping Labels on product list pages for qualified products
  • Complex Shipping Rules for pickup in-store, free shipping, and options for Canadian vs US addresses.
  • Using different payment processors for Canadian checkouts vs US checkouts.

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