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Innovative New Magento Extensions for Developers!

The Enhanced Developer Tools Extension (Download) 

When a page is loaded, that has not been cached, Magento processes well over 100 files. So, if you need to edit a page, this normally requires manually looking for the file(s). The ‘Enhanced Developer Tools’ extension automatically locates the file(s) you are looking for.

When a user types in a word or two that is in the block, Magento then identifies the block you are looking for and provides the block’s name, class, template file, layout xml file, and other information of significance.

Please click here, if you would like to download this extension.

The Attribute Creator Extension (Download)

When Creating Attributes, normally many different settings need to be specified as shown in the first picture below. However, the process of creating new attributes in Magento is more complicated than it truly needs to be.


The above code creates one attribute while the ‘Attribute Creator’ extension creates three attributes in only 3 lines.


By clicking here, you can download an extension that allows you to create a new attribute with one line of code as the example below illustrates. The link to this extension contains within it complete documentation of this feature.





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