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Webscale Raises $14 Million to “Democratize the Cloud”

I hate hosting. I hate everything about it. We used to do a little bit of hosting years ago. From then to now, virtually 100% of the calls I get from clients when I’m trying to have a drink on the weekend and relax is a hosting issue.   

It can be a thankless job. At best, if it works it just goes unnoticed.  Customers don’t understand what it takes to do hosting well.

That’s why I’m glad we have partners in the space that actually want to deal with it. Take this crap off my hands so I can deal with the fun stuff.     

Proper hosting is difficult. eCommerce hosting compounds that with all of the PCI compliance and increased focus of hackers and scammers. That’s only getting more complicated with Cloud hosting.

Are you paying way too much because your cloud infrastructure is over sized for your needs? Will it handle a spike in demand and autoscale? Do your internal resources know how to use it? It can’t just be me that hates hosting? No one in their right minds wants to deal with this crap.  

This is why it’s interesting what Webscale is doing. They raised $14M to “democratize the cloud”. Can I, uh, hold a dollar?

I’m not one for catchy tag lines, but if you read the press release it’s interesting what they are doing.   

“We level the playing field for digital brands by building great technology and extensive automation for them, so they can leverage the cloud effectively and affordably to deliver phenomenal user experiences, without having to worry about what goes on behind the scenes. They now have access to the same technology stack that the largest of brands like Amazon and Walmart have built, without having to invest in a huge team (that they cannot hire easily in today’s tight job market), and spend hundreds of millions of dollars (that they don’t have).”

So, they are taking all of this complicated hosting nonsense and making it easier for folks like me to utilize it to build fun stuff. They automate and handle the scaling, sizing, load balancing, CDN, caching, and security of a hosting environment and I get to go back to enjoying my weekends.

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