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What does the Adobe Commerce Cloud Mean for the Future of Magento?

Surprise, surprise, surprise. Adobe’s been scheming this whole time. Deforming Magento logos and dreaming up the whole super-enterprisey version of Magento integrated with all sorts of other god-knows-whats and creating Adobe Commerce Cloud.         

I like it. This is good news, folks. I think this is going to be great for the future of Magento.    

I have some concerns about the branding of Magento and how having the most feature rich version of the platform be called Adobe Commerce Cloud and if that will slowly start to whittle away the Magento brand, but we’ll see how all that plays out.   

However, functionality-wise I think this is a home run for us in the Magento Community. After the announcement of the acquisition, we were all concerned with where Adobe would take the platform. Are they going to take it up market?  What would that mean to the current versions we all make our living off of?

With this announcement we have our answer: They have left it alone. They just made their own version that they can hack it up and add all sorts of enterprisey things without screwing up the game we are all playing.   

I think this is the best case scenario. It gives Adobe the high end enterprise ecommerce platform they desire but avoids them turning the core platform into something that no longer works for the SMB market.  

Over time, hopefully, we’ll see breakthroughs and features that are financed by that higher end version trickle down into the core platform that allows us to continue to create better ecommerce experience for the merchants we serve.

This is only one optimistic guy’s opinion.  Let me know your thoughts about the announcement of Adobe Commerce Cloud, good or bad, in the comments of this video.

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