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5 Reasons to consider Magento Enterprise

Watch this video to hear TJ Gamble talk about the Top Five Features of Magento Enterprise! Here’s a summary of the main points:

Advanced Search – Mobile is more important than ever, and most mobile shoppers want to be able to search for (and find) products without hunting around for them. Magento Enterprise Edition includes Elastic Search for the most powerful customer search experience, with advanced search rules that deliver the results your customers expect.

Customer Loyalty it’s more expensive to get new customers than to retain old ones. It’s not uncommon to only break even on first-time customers! You’ve put in the effort to get someone to purchase from you; keep them buying again and again. A customer loyalty strategy is vital. Reward points, in-store credit, gift cards, private sales, and other features in Magento Enterprise allow you to keep your customers coming back for more.

Advanced Merchandising and Promotion – Customer attention is expensive. Once you’ve got it, how do you show your customers the right products and promotions to increase your odds of making a sale? Merchandising and promotion are great tools to increase conversion rates. Drag and drop merchandising, flexible pricing and promotions, rules-based cross-sales and up-sales, and customer segmentation tools are all features of Magento Enterprise that help you automate creative strategies for maximizing customer sales.

Advanced Content Management – Brands that are successful are brands that differentiate. The easiest way to differentiate is through content. You shouldn’t have to involve your web development team to publish new content on your website.  Integrating third-party CMS solutions to your Magento build adds cost and complexity. Magento 2 Enterprise includes drag-and-drop content management capability with staging and preview features that allow your content creators to build content and get it approved without involving a developer.

B2B Support – Business-to-business eCommerce is growing. Your competitors are about to be working on their B2B eCommerce strategy, if they’re not already. Many companies are using an obsolete custom-built eCommerce platform, or don’t have one at all. A proper eCommerce platform for B2B allows your business to grow by giving smaller customers an opportunity to self-service, allowing you to focus on higher-value customers. Magento’s B2B functionality includes requisition lists, quotes, negotiated pricing, product exclusivity, and corporate accounts – standard features you’re going to need in your B2B eCommerce operation. These built-in features allow you to focus on customizing the features that are unique to your business operation.

TJ is about to drop another video that focuses on the costs of Magento Enterprise and why it’s worth it compared to using Magento Open Source and patching together a number of extensions. Make sure you see it by subscribing to the eCommerce-Aholic channel on YouTube and tapping the notification bell!

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