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Product Tags Not Part of Magento 2

What are product tags?

Product tags in Magento allow users and admins to add keywords or phrases that help identify products and their features. For many users that run a Magento website, these can be thought of as similar to attributes. Think of a yellow dress being tagged ‘summer dress’, but there can also be more broad descriptive terms.  For example, the same yellow dress could be tagged as ‘pretty’, ‘cute’ or ‘brightly colored’.

Approved tags are displayed on the product details page and link to a list of all products that share the same tag. A shopper wanting to see other products marked as ‘brightly colored’ or ‘summer dress’ can click on the tag link and will be taken to a page showing only those products – thus giving shoppers another way to filter products based on their personal preferences.

Magento 2 Removes Product Tags

During Magento 2’s planning and development, Magento looked to the community for their feedback on features. Their goal was to find out not only what new features needed to be added, but also what existing features did not need to be recreated in Magento 2.

One of the features that did not receive enough support to get recreated in Magento 2 was Product Tags. The community is now looking to see which extension development group will provide this functionality for Magento 2.

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